Course Layout

Highland Green Golf Club – Course Layout

Hole 1 - Last Easy

A short but tricky opening hole, this par 4 requires an accurate drive, ideally to the right center of the fairway, to provide the best angle to this well-protected green. A ledge mound guards the line of play to the left of the green, so make sure you use plenty of club with your approach. Be aware that a shallow swale and wetland area protect the front-left portion of the green. Be happy starting your round with a par!

Hole 2 - Wicked Turn

A drive to the right side of the fairway is required to have a clear approach on this sharp dogleg left par 4. Drives on the left side tend to be blocked out by the hillside. A pond to the right and penalty area long put accuracy on this apporach at a premium. One of the more difficult holes on the course, a par on Wicked Turn is well-earned! 

Hole 3 - Ledge

The only par 5 on the course is medium in length and reachable in two for the longer hitters, but tee shots must be accurate. The fairway slopes to the left off of the namesake ledge, so finding the right side of the fairway is ideal and leaves you with the best lie for your second shot. A typical risk/reward par 5, the pond to the front left of the green gives longer hitters something to think about when considering going for the green in two. Laying up to the fairway or approach on the right side still offers an opportunity for a birdie!

Hole 4 - Governor's Folly

This devilishly-short par 4 provides a unique opportunity for most golfers to have a putt for an eagle, but it certainly doesn’t come without risk. Trouble surrounds this small undulating green, with the bunker short right actually being not a bad spot to miss. As enticing going for the green might be, playing to the left fairway off the tee might be your best chance at a birdie.

Hole 5 - Fox's Den

Exposed ledge on the right side of the fairway and a stream to the left puts accuracy to the test yet again on this par 4. The ledge rides along the right side of the green and approaches that miss their present very challenging up an downs. A drive to the left-center of the fairway will give you the best opportunity to put a wedge in your hand for your second shot and give yourself a birdie putt on this small green!

Hole 6 - Devil's Delight

This pituresque downhill par 3 feels inviting from the tee with a bowl-shaped landscape surronding the green. But the green is protected by mounds abd bunkers, and it’s two-tiered surface slopes from front-to-back. Landing on the green is certainly just half the battle when looking to make birdie here! 

Hole 7 - Easy Bend

A well-placed tee shot to the left side of the fairway will off the best lie and view to a unique “sideways-situated” green. A large mound protects the green in the front-center, so a high-lofted approach works best to make par or have a chance at birdie on this par 4!

Hole 8 - Carry

The longest par 4 on the course requires a long and accurate drive to give yourself a chance to reach in regulation. Two wetland hazards cut across the fairway on this hole, and a pond protects the right side of the green. Par on the “Carry” hole is always a good score! 

Hole 9 - Trouble

The finishing hole at Highland Green Golf Club is an intimidating one! The tee shot on this long par 3 can require anything from a wedge to a driver for some to reach the green. Ledge protects the line of sight left, while grass mounds and grass-filled bunkers guard the front left side of the green. Beyond the rear bunker lies a penalty area, and while the sand trap may keep your ball in play, it is a less-than-ideal position to play your second shot. Avoid the “Trouble” and make a 3…go home happy!